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The goat farm was designed and built according to the highest European standards.

It started operating in 2003 with the import of the first registered herd of high-yielding goats into Serbia.


By cooperating with the experts from the Agricultural Faculty in Novi Sad and a lot of hard work, we have become a reputable farm which has served as a place for education and practical training of students of animal husbandry department of the Agricultural Faculty in Novi Sad as well as a place for scientific research.


On the basis of data obtained from the farm, several graduation papers and one master study paper have been written. By using results from production and breeding of goats from this farm, several scientific papers have been written and presented in the international symposiums.


We also carry out a complete control of goat productivity, thus the farm is in fact a center for high-quality breeding goats and bucks, which, by breeding throughout Serbia, enable the development of this somewhat neglected branch of cattle breeding.




Deutschland,  Bayern,  Schwabach,  7631,  Ludwigstrasse

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